About Me

Hi, I’m Marcus. Born and raised in Hawaii, but crazy enough to leave paradise. I’ve been writing and blogging about my worldwide adventures since 2004.

My first taste of travel was when I studied abroad in England for a creative writing program. That university had a "sister school" relationship with my college in California. Once my classes ended, I backpacked around Europe.

Upon my graduation with a degree in English Creative Writing, I headed to China. I worked in Shanghai as a language and culture instructor. My students were businesspeople from China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

I was training them so they could work for multinational firms and conduct business with Western executives.  When my contract ended, I traveled through China, visiting Beijing, Xi'an, and Yunnan Province.

Later, I moved to Taipei, Taiwan. I served as a writer/editor for various English-language magazines and newspapers.  After leaving my job, I backpacked around Southeast Asia and Japan.

After returning to the United States, I studied web design, social media marketing, and related subjects.  These skills came in handy when I helped build the website for TEDx Honolulu, a local chapter of the TED Talks.

Now I'm a website manager for a public organization.